Solana to Aptos Cheat Sheet

Smart ContractsRust, SVMMove, MoveVM
Transaction FeesLowLow
ParallelizationPessimistic parallelism, need to declare all write accountsOptimistic parallelism, chain infers write accounts for you
Contract Account SupportPDA AccountObject or resource account(encourage to use object instead)
Data StorageData stored in account owned by programsData stored as resource under user account or object
Storage LevelProgram levelGlobal when stored under object
Storage MindsetUser data stored distributedly under accountUser data stored distributedly under object
Example CodeTodo list contract on SolanaTodo list contract on Aptos
Caller IDsignersigner
UpgradabilityProgram is upgradableModule is upgradable
Dispatch TypeStatic dispatchStatic dispatch
FT StandardsToken programCoin (legacy) and Fungible Asset Standard
NFT StandardsToken programDigital Asset Standard
Blockchain InteractionSolana web3.js libraryAptos Typescript SDK