NFT Marketplace Demo

What You'll Build

In this tutorial, we will create an on-chain NFT marketplace, enabling users to buy and sell Aptogotchi NFTs seamlessly, bypassing any middlemen. This showcases the power and security of smart contracts and the Move language, allowing for a serverless, intermediary-free marketplace on the Aptos blockchain.

While there are complex features like auctions, we'll focus on the most basic features:

  1. Listing NFTs: NFT owners list their NFTs in the marketplace, making them available for potential buyers to purchase.
  2. Buying NFTs: Users can buy any NFT listed with the price set by the NFT owner.
  3. Minting NFTs: For the demo purpose, we also built a Mint feature where you can mint NFTs to sell.

As the first step of the tutorial, you can check out the dApp and better understand what you’re building.

Before You Start Building

Before diving in, ensure you're set up and familiar with Move smart contracts & Token standards: