Why Aptos Wallet Adapter

Purpose of the Aptos Wallet Adapter:

  • Simplifying integration for wallets and dapps.
  • Providing a monorepo for developers to streamline development on the Aptos network.
  • Acting as a bridge between dapps and wallets, facilitating interaction via standardized APIs.
  • By leveraging the Aptos Wallet Adapter, dapps can effortlessly support multiple wallets while adhering to a recognized standard, enhancing visibility for wallets and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Features of the Aptos Wallet Adapter:

  • Easy implementation: No need to write code for multiple wallets.
  • Support for various wallet APIs.
  • Incorporation of additional features not native to wallets.
  • Detection of uninstalled wallets.
  • Auto-connect functionality and state retention.
  • Listening capability for wallet events like account and network changes.
  • Reference implementation maintained by the Aptos ecosystem team.