Why AIP-62 Wallet Standard

The new wallet standard described in AIP-62 provides many benefits to wallets:

  • Wallet owns and controls its own interface and can easily update and provide new features without introducing any breaking change to the dapp
  • The wallet integration code lives in the wallet codebase and does not require a wallet to create and maintain another wallet package
  • Wallets dont need to rely on dapps to install and maintain its wallet package
  • The AIP-62 wallet standard provides better validation and error handling support, and uses the new TS SDK which is more reliable, fast and actively maintained and developed with new features (the legacy sdk, i.e aptos, is no longer actively maintained and developed).

In the near future and as wallets onboard to the new standard, the wallet adapter will deprecate the legacy standard and keep only the AIP-62 wallet standard support.