AIP-62 Wallet Standard

The AIP-62 Wallet Standard is a chain-agnostic set of interfaces and conventions that aim to improve how applications interact with injected wallets. Read more about it here.

Why integrating with the AIP-62 wallet standard?

In the near future and as wallets onboard to the new standard, the wallet adapter will deprecate the legacy standard and keep only the AIP-62 wallet standard support.

The AIP-62 wallet standard eliminates the current issues dapps have:

  • The dapp detecting process logic can create a race condition risk in the case the dapp loads before a wallet and the dapp is not aware of the new wallets
  • The legacy standard is deeply integrated within the Aptos wallet adapter, and any change can cause breaking changes for dApps and wallets, creating endless maintenance work by requiring a dApp or wallet to implement these changes.
  • The legacy standard supports only the legacy TS SDK input, types, and logic. That means that it doesn't enjoy the features and enhancements of the new TS SDK. In addition, the legacy TS SDK does not receive any more support or new features.

In addition, the new wallet standard described in AIP-62 provides many benefits to dApps:

  • The wallet adapter handles the maintenance and installation of wallet packages instead of the dApp which prevents potential supply chain attacks
  • The new adapter version provides better validation and error handling support
  • The new adapter version uses the new TS SDK which is more reliable, fast, and is actively maintained and updated with new features (the legacy sdk, i.e npm i aptos, is no longer actively maintained and developed)