Aptos Explorer

Aptos Explorer = Etherscan (Blockchain Search Engine) for the Aptos Blockchain

How to Test Your Contract with Explorer

The Aptos Block Explorer serves as a valuable tool for testing your Move contracts effectively.

1. Begin by selecting a network: Mainnet, Testnet, or Devnet.

  • Since the Aptogotchi contract is deployed on Testnet, choose Testnet to test Aptogotchi.

2. Proceed to the contract account page.

  • The Aptogotchi contract is owned by the account 0x0xb59fdd48812b24195b47742306ae420a2c78b7833704e6c7f89a41d611054953. To find this account, simply enter the address in the search bar on the landing page and access the account page.

3. Navigate to the Modules tab.

  • In Move, a module represents a smart contract. The Modules tab displays all the smart contracts associated with this account.
  • For instance, in the Aptogotchi app, the account 0x29...27bc contains a package named aptogotchi, where you can find the module named main that contains the application's logic.

4. Modules — Code Tab

  • The Code tab provides access to the source code and Application Binary Interface (ABI) utilized by this module.

5. Modules — Run Tab

  • Within the Run tab, you can connect your wallet and execute public entry functions (setters).
  • This feature allows you to test data writing to the blockchain without the need for a UI.

6. Modules — View Tab

  • In the View tab, you can run public #[view] functions (getters).
  • This feature allows you to test data reading from the blockchain without the need for a UI.

More Resources

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