Crash Course 1: Web3 Onboarding

Learn the basics of Web3 technology and how to build a dApp on Aptos.

Ace Web3 101
Review the essentials of Web3 development.
My First Transaction
This tutorial describes how to generate and submit transactions using Typescript SDK, and verify these submitted transactions.
My First Fungible Asset
This tutorial introduces how you can compile, deploy, and mint your own fungible asset (FA).
My First NFT
This tutorial describes how to create and transfer non-fungible assets using Typescript SDK.
My First Smart Contract in Move
This tutorial details how to compile, test, publish and interact with Move modules on the Aptos blockchain.
Aptogotchi Beginner: Your First dApp
Developing a dApp on Aptos is easier than you think. Learn the basics about Move smart contracts and building a front-end.