A transaction is a record of an exchange or operation that is submitted to the chain. This could be a transfer of token, execution of a smart contract, or any change of state.

Transaction States

A transaction may end in one of the following states:

  • Committed on the blockchain and executed. This is considered as a successful transaction.
  • Committed on the blockchain and aborted. The abort code indicates why the transaction failed to execute.
  • Discarded during transaction submission due to a validation check such as insufficient gas, invalid transaction format, or incorrect key.
  • Discarded after transaction submission but before attempted execution. This could be caused by timeouts or insufficient gas due to other transactions affecting the account.

The sender’s account will be charged gas for any committed transactions.

Transaction in the Explorer

The explorer provides a detailed view of the transaction. It includes the transaction hash, sender, receiver, amount, gas, and the state of the transaction. The transaction explorer also provides the ability to view the transaction details, including the transaction payload, the execution result, and the abort code if the transaction was aborted.0